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May 04 2011

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Chihiro from Spirited Away
From the upcoming movie (depending on where you live, I suppose), Arrietty the Borrower.
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Totoro plush hat.
Tags: totoro
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Model kit of the robot From Castle in the Sky
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Totoro in Minecraft....HUUUUUUGE!
Kinda looks like a pedo from this point of view.
Tags: totoro
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May 03 2011

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Hayao Miyazaki's ideas for flying machines (Image Board book, 1983)

Tales from Earthsea - Teru's song [HQ] + Japanese Lyrics

"County Road" in Whisper of the Heart

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The Cat Returns theme song "Become the wind" (original English lyrics)

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Cute lil Ponyo.
Tags: ponyo
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The Cat Returns!

I absolutely love this part of the movie, it's so adorable.
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Oh, the amazing things that came out of Hayao Miyazaki's wonderful head!
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Totoro scribbles in a notebook, cute.
Tags: totoro
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May all your bacon burn!

Love you Calcifer!
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Creepy Totoro?

I'm not quite sure...
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Howl's Moving Castle!
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